Service Complete Electric has begun work on industrial manufacturing project in Winter Haven

SCE to complete electrical work for Florida Can Manufacturing

Service Complete Electric, a leading Central Florida electrical contractor, has broken ground on Florida Can Manufacturing in Winter Haven, Florida. The Oviedo-based electrical firm is working to finish the 305,200-square-foot, $4.25 million project by September of this year.

The projects full scope of electrical work includes:

  • Medium and low voltage power distribution
  • Lighting and lighting controls
  • Equipment and power branch power
  • Area development power
  • Low voltage systems

With an aggressive 10-month timeline, SCE is working to overcome numerous challenges. As safety experts, SCE has taken extra steps to ensure safety best practices and protocol are being followed by implementing special training as it relates to working with medium and low voltage power distribution, controls and manufacturing and process equipment. The project will also require team members to work at heights ranging from 47 to 57 feet. The company’s safety department will be involved daily throughout the entire project to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do, and this project is no exception,” said Tony Scruggs, president of SCE. “We’re cutting the number of working days in half while ensuring the quality and safety of the project aren’t compromised.”

In order to adhere to schedule, SCE is pre-fabricating numerous assemblies offsite at its Oviedo pre-fabrication shop and shipping directly to the job site for installation. One example of this is underground assemblies at each piece of distribution equipment.

“We’re really looking forward to finishing this project in September,” said Scruggs. “The schedule is aggressive, but if there is any firm that can complete this project with an exceptional result and safety as a priority, it’s Service Complete Electric.”

Service Complete Electric’s three pillars of business include safe, creative and exceptional work on each project it undertakes. With years of experience, SCE provides absolute quality assurance and strives to finish all projects on budget and on schedule.

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About Service Complete Electric

Founded August 1995, Service Complete Electric has been serving the Central Florida community for over 25 years. The company has a diverse electrical background with extensive experience on hospitality, entertainment and commercial projects. SCE’s experienced staff takes projects from conception and initial budgets through construction to final completion. To learn more, visit or call 407-679-3500.

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