Service Complete Electric is an electrical firm based in Oviedo, Florida. The company has been serving a diverse portfolio of clients in the Central Florida area and beyond since its conception in 1995. We specialize in hospitality, commercial, retail and restaurant projects of all sizes. We have worked with all the major attractions in Orlando, received top contracts for government and school systems and completed leading commercial projects across Florida.

Service Complete Electric, often referred to as SCE, stands on the foundation of three core principle – Safe, creative and exceptional. Safety is at the cornerstone of every project we complete to ensure the health of both our team members and clients is secure.

With years of experience, our team is able to accomplish even the most challenging feats through creativity. From working against tight deadlines to difficult circumstances, we have the expertise and know-how to overcome any problems that might arise. Whether the project is a renovation starting at the demolition stage or new build-out, we will be able to achieve the results our clients are looking for.

SCE takes great pride in always striving to be exceptional. We provide absolute quality assurance and are confident our understanding of client’s needs will allow us to complete any assignments on schedule and on budget. In fact, when involved with the initial design phase of a project, we can add value by providing a practical perspective to any design. We have the knowledge and experience to save our clients time and money, not only on their current projects, but on future projects as well.

Service Complete Electric’s mission is to provide quality installations and service that will also help build long lasting relationships with all of our clients and end users. Quality control is closely monitored at every stage by our Quality Control Manager. Our commitment to quality starts at the top of the organization and is expected of every team member, vendor and subcontractor.