Tiny House in Bithlo, FL

About The Bithlo Transformation Effort:

Service Complete Electric had the amazing opportunity to help improve the lives of others here in Bithlo, FL. Our team collaborated with United Global Outreach (UGO) in their project known as the Bithlo Transformation Effort by working on the Tiny House!

United Global Outreach (UGO) is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming neglected and underprivileged communities.

UGO learned about Bithlo, in 2009 via the “Listen, Learn and Love” tour. After raising the funds their focus is on transforming Bithlo, by meeting their educational, physical, spiritual and emotional needs by giving a hand-up, unleashing unlimited potential and possibilities.

United Global Outreach has worked in the Bithlo Community since 2010 to create a healthy community some of the main needs of the Bithlo community include: Education, Transportation, Housing, Health Care, Environment, Basic Needs and Sense of Community.

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