Westgate Palace Resort Westgate Palace Resort Electrical Remodel and Installation

Case Study

Westgate Palace Resort


Westgate Resorts hired Service Complete Electric to perform an electrical remodel of its Tower 1 and to install a complete electrical system for Tower 2 at the company’s vacation resort in Orlando. At the time, Tower 1 was ready for guests, but Tower 2 was basically unfinished inside.


  • Provide all aspects of the electrical and support systems:
    • Branch power and lighting in all suites including main corridors
    • Site lighting for new parking lots
    • Paging, audio and video
    • CCTV
    • Teledata, smart boards and intercoms
    • Fire alarm


  • Aggressive schedule to minimize disruption to guests
  • Work could only be done during certain hours
  • Multiple subcontractors working several floors at one time
  • Rust had developed in existing electrical wiring in Tower 2


  • Created different teams for the initial and finish stages to maintain workflow and schedule
  • Developed a schedule to maximize production during available work hours
  • Coordinated with all subcontractors and Westgate’s representative to maximize efficiency
  • Worked closely with the general contractor and city officials
  • Replaced most of the existing main electrical equipment in Tower 2

Did You Know?

The project included installing a 480–volt bus duct system (like thick, metal AC ducts with copper bars inside) that rose the full 18 floors in each tower. Here’s what went into the electrical system for each tower:

  • 150,000 feet of branch wiring
  • 54,000 feet of electrical metallic tubing (EMT) conduit
  • 80,000 feet of metal–clad (MC) cable
  • 3.1 miles of feeder wire
  • 2,400 light fixtures
  • 6,500 receptacles and switches


The project at the luxury vacation resort took two years to complete and was finished on time. Located just off International Drive, the two towers are within walking distance of most Orlando tourist attractions. The towers now feature 408 well–appointed villas.