Streamline Solutions Streamline Solutions Electrical and Control Systems

Case Study

Streamline Solutions


The Orlando–based company provides disposable plastic bags primarily for the health care industry. Streamline Solutions was expanding its business to include plastic recycling.


  • Design all electrical and control systems to support the owner’s recently refurbished recycling equipment
  • Design control systems for the multiple components of the recycling equipment
  • Lead the owner in the development and documentation of new operation schematics and sequence of operations
  • Coordinate and work with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to achieve the appropriate UL Listings on the control systems for the equipment


  • Old recycling machine — up to four decades in some sections
  • No schematics to use as a guide
  • For many parts, the manufacturers were no longer in business
  • Some parts only available overseas
  • Bring the previous electrical work that had been installed up to minimum code standards


  • Rely on professional experience and Service Complete’s in–house engineers
  • Improvise when needed
  • Redo work previously performed on the recycler by another company

Did You Know?

  • Five large control relay cabinets had to be built without accurate wiring information.
  • 3,000 feet of control wire was installed.
  • To identify the components needed to make the system operational, our team had to turn to the Internet and interview different manufacturers.
  • Even though the odds were against success, all the equipment tested without any faults.


Despite the challenges of working on an old machine without any manuals to serve as a guide, the Service Complete Electric team got the recycler up and running. Streamline Solutions co–owner Dave Arkeilpane said the work done by the first company “was a mess. I wish I had known about Service Complete Electric in the beginning. They did a great job. They not only took the time to explain very well what needed to be done, but they did exactly what they said they would do. They were phenomenal.”